The original Sacred Celebrant of Cornwall

The original Sacred Celebrant of Cornwall

I create, and conduct, your sacred ceremonies -  including handfastings, baby namings, and passing over ceremonies

Willow Ceremonies
Willow Ceremonies

I create, and conduct, your sacred ceremonies -  including handfastings, baby namings, and passing over ceremonies

About Me

The Art of Sacred Celebrancy


My name is Rebecca, and I'm your sacred celebrant, accredited by IPHM.

I have been trained in this vocation by the Priestess’ of Avalon in Glastonbury, the heart chakra of Mother Earth. 

Through the deeply divine training and further experience, I can perform your important rites of passages, unscripted. I conduct ceremonies from the heart, holding the sacred space for you and your guests.

I am based in the magical wilds of Cornwall, very much embedded into the local nature and mythos. I also very happily cover Devon!

I create and conduct many different pagan ceremonies, all are listed from the drop-down menu. I now also offer tarot card readings from my Etsy store Willow Divination. ’s exciting times at Willow Ceremonies!

Megan, at her own handfasting vow renewal

The Ceremonial Team

Meet Megan - My Ceremonial Melissa

I'm Megan, Mum to Rebecca, wife to William and I have been a nurse for over 30 years – I work part time for the Multiple Sclerosis Trust. I live in Shropshire and travel down to Cornwall as often as I can! I love cooking and gardening and I am striving to get better at photography and at using Instagram!

I have been trained by the Priestess' at The Sacred Celebrant Academy in Glastonbury as a Sacred Ceremonial Assistant – or Melissa; this means that I work closely with Rebecca when she is performing your ceremony to ensure that everything flows smoothly – I am the one with the tissues ready to pass across, the spare lighter for the candle, the umbrellas in the boot (just in case!) and the tent pegs to make sure the ivy ring doesn’t blow away during those cliff top ceremonies!

During your ceremony my role is to stay outside the sacred space and to make sure your readings are ready for Rebecca to pass to you, and to tie them up again after you have shared them with each other, to make sure they stay safe for you both to keep afterwards. I make sure the chalice is filled with sacred water and that your ceremonial candle is ready to use and collected safely after you have lit it.

The name ‘Melissa’ is derived from the Greek word for a worker bee – which explains perfectly my role!