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Meet The Ceremonial Team

Willow Ceremonies is a family affair, headed by Rebecca, assisted by Megan her marvellous mother, and Ant, Rebecca's beloved partner.

Sacred Celebrant on a windy spring day atop the cliff of Tintagel, Cornwall, UK

Meet Rebecca - Sacred Celebrant

About Rebecca

Nearly 30 years ago I was born in a far off land known as Manchester. The city life was never meant for me, so one day I packed my bags and my dog into my car, and down the M5 I drove until I hit my spiritual home of Cornwall. I grew up spending a lot of time in my beloved Cornwall. I've lost track of time around the Merry Maidens aplenty. I've gazed out to sea on a summers day more times than I can count. I know how lucky I am to live in paradise, and I appreciate Kernow in all her glory every single day.

I'm a wild soul who loves nothing more than singing Fleetwood Mac songs on woodland walks, and no surprises which song is my go-to (Rhiannon, hence the long red hair) Honestly, if I could perpetually live in the 70's I would be quite content.

If I'm not singing in the woods, then I'm usually curled up in my lovely little cottage reading an old book and eating cake. I adore baking and sweet treats so much! Next to me, equally curled up and peaceful, is my sweet dog Betty. She is, quite simply, the most perfect dog in the world and I wont hear otherwise! Although she does have a penchant for trying to heard people on the beach...that'll be the bit of her brain that's a Collie I suppose!

I live my life with the phrase 'why hate when you can love?' floating around my head, and that is how I approach everything. Why not spend your time on Earth loving everything as hard as you can? What's the worst that can happen when everything you do is done with love?

Meet Megan - Ceremonial Melissa

About Megan

I'm Megan, Mum to Rebecca, wife to William and I have been a nurse for over 30 years – I work part time for the Multiple Sclerosis Trust. I live in Shropshire and travel down to Cornwall as often as I can! I love cooking and gardening and I am striving to get better at photography and at using Instagram!

I have been trained by the Priestess' at The Sacred Celebrant Academy in Glastonbury as a Sacred Ceremonial Assistant – or Melissa; this means that I work closely with Rebecca when she is performing your ceremony to ensure that everything flows smoothly – I am the one with the tissues ready to pass across, the spare lighter for the candle, the umbrellas in the boot (just in case!) and the tent pegs to make sure the ivy ring doesn’t blow away during those cliff top ceremonies!

During your ceremony my role is to stay outside the sacred space and to make sure your readings are ready for Rebecca to pass to you, and to tie them up again after you have shared them with each other, to make sure they stay safe for you both to keep afterwards. I make sure the chalice is filled with sacred water and that your ceremonial candle is ready to use and collected safely after you have lit it.

The name ‘Melissa’ is derived from the Greek word for a worker bee – which explains perfectly my role!

sacred celebrant and her assistant conducting a renewal of vows in Shropshire

Meet Anthony - Ceremonial Assistant

About Anthony

Hi everyone, I'm Anthony, Rebecca's loving partner and ceremonial assistant. Much like Megan explained, I also assist from the sidelines, helping to ensure your ceremony runs smoothly. 

When I'm not helping Rebecca, I'm a keen sports fan, even playing rugby, cricket & basketball for Cornwall in my younger years. My latest passion is the UFC...watching not fighting! 

I have a wicked sense of humour, and I've always admired the art form of comedy. My mrs is always encouraging me to write and perform some stand-up material but the muse hasn't come yet, but who knows, she may be on her way as we speak!

I look forward to meeting you if I happen to become your ceremonial assistant along side Rebecca, please know you're in good hands. 

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