The original Sacred Celebrant of Cornwall

The original Sacred Celebrant of Cornwall

The original Sacred Celebrant of CornwallThe original Sacred Celebrant of CornwallThe original Sacred Celebrant of Cornwall

Testimonials - Ceremonies

Aria R - Bespoke Ceremony

 I recently had a bespoke ceremony from the lovely Rebecca. It was completely tailored to my needs and I always felt like that was totally respected throughout the process, but trust me, in the best way.... Rebecca took complete control over the ceremony once it began, and because of that I felt so reassured and comfortable in her guidance through the experience. It really was a pleasure and an easy process from start to finish. And in my particular case..... I felt a true and peaceful guidance through something that is a relatively unknown thing for myself. I couldn't recommend her more. 

Mary B - Renewal of Vows

Rebecca performed our handfasting, vow renewal ceremony for us and made a small, family event into something so special. My husband is not particularly into the spiritual side of things, but Rebecca got the tone of the ceremony just right. 

We held the ceremony in our back garden and Rebecca made it feel like the perfect place to be – her confidence and professionalism made sure everyone was able to relax and enjoy the moment – her warmth and empathy made it extra special and the memories we have from that day will be treasured for the rest of our lives – we can’t thank her enough.

Jane S - Handfasting

Willow ceremonies is wonderful. Rebecca brings two souls together with her amazing handfastings which are completely bespoke to you. We made our own cord for the day which we received our blessings on from close friends and even complete strangers which we cherish. As she delivered our ceremony she managed to touch the hearts of all who were there. I can not recommend her highly enough and this review alone does not do her justice. Rebecca helped create our beautiful day and I can only imagine what she will help you with in the future.

Testimonials - Tarot Card Readings

Megan B

I have used Willow Divination bedore and was so glad to find that Rebecca has set up her Etsy Shop. I asked for a 12-month reading and received a document explaining the card drawn for each month and how it might impact on my life during that period. The layout was great - really easy to read through and Rebecca's interpretation was so helpful - I have a big life decision to make and the 12-month spread has really let me work through when and how best to do this - thanks so much!

Brittanie M

I asked Rebecca to undertake a Tarot reading for me to help me make sense of a lot of changes that were happening at work. She took time to understand just what I needed and to make sure that I was happy with my choice of deck and spread. The reading she sent me was very in depth and she explained the different cards and her interpretation of them with warmth and clarity. 

At the time I was unsure what some of the cards were referring to but having just revisited the reading she gave me 6 months on – she was spot on - the areas of her reading I didn’t quite understand now make a lot of sense. I can see that the change of path I have started to take is exactly the direction Rebecca interpreted from the cards. I would certainly go back to Rebecca for a reading again – and will very soon!

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