The original Sacred Celebrant of Cornwall

The original Sacred Celebrant of Cornwall

The original Sacred Celebrant of CornwallThe original Sacred Celebrant of CornwallThe original Sacred Celebrant of Cornwall

Passing Over Ceremonies

The True Purpose

The true purpose of this ceremony is to help your departed beloved pass onto the next phase of their journey. The ceremony will be fully focused upon them, their earthly life, and the new adventure they have begun.

Healthy Grief

These ceremonies are conducted to help not only the beloved pass on, but also to offer you and your guests a safe place to grieve amongst others. In the ceremony there are moments where each guest can take a turn talking about the beloved, if they so wish to. There are also moments where guests are invited to participate in rituals where they can further express their grief.

One last adventure

Throughout the ceremony, we travel through the different elements, offering our blessings to your departed beloved along the way. Eventually we will come to a deep guided journey meditation. Here, you travel with your beloved to the edge of the Summerlands, enjoying one last adventure together.  

The Process

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During the consultation we discuss your wants and needs for the ceremony, but I will also invite you to tell me about the life lived by your beloved, if you are comfortable to share. This information will be used to create a personal ceremony that truly represents your departed beloved.

Peace of Mind

The peaceful sounds of a gentle river - St Necterns Glen, Cornwall, UK

After the consultation, you need not worry about the ceremony. Within 24 hours after the consultation, I will email you with a ceremony template and any other agreed details. All you need do is what is best for you at this time.


Willow Ceremonies beautiful logo - A watercolour painted by my favourite Welsh artist

Passing Over/Remembrance ceremony

  • Full consultation
  • Ivy ring layout for your ceremony
  • A full grounding and centring for you and your guests
  • Calling in of the elements  - Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Spirit
  • Rituals, at each quarter of the ivy ring to remember your departed beloved and to bless their crossing. 
  • £300 (not including travel fees outside of Cornwall & Devon, K)

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