Our Values


To be of Service

What are we without the beautiful souls that use our services? I value the relationship between celebrant and couple or family, understanding that at times I will be asked to take on an almost 'pastoral' role. I am here for the communities that need me when they need me. To head the call of a Sacred Celebrant is to be called into service of those that need you, and I very happily devote myself to this.


Here at Willow, we carry out everything with the upmost professionalism, thus ensuring that you get the perfect service that happens without a hitch. 

To be Gaia-Conscious

I have always been eco-conscious and so this naturally follows through into Willow Ceremonies. Wherever and whenever possible, I aim to use the most eco-friendly products, for example, biodegradable glitter for baby naming ceremonies. After every ceremony I close down the sacred space and leave no unnatural trace of a ceremony. Gaia and her health is a cause very close to my heart, so you can be sure that with me as your sacred celebrant, you will be having a green ceremony.

Creating sacred, and safe, space

Ceremonies are created to move you and shift you into a different place within yourself, and this can be quite a daunting thing for some people! Because of this, I vow to always make my ceremonies a safe & loving place for you to make those necessary shifts. Knowing that you are held in a loving place allows you to relax into the ceremony and feel all that you need to feel.

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