Baby Naming Ceremonies

Community Spirit

The baby naming ceremony is your chance to formally introduce your childs name to your nearest and dearest, but it is also a significant chance to create and/or strengthen community roots for your family. 

Blessings of the elements

During your baby naming ceremony, I will take you and your guests on an adventure around the elemental wheel. Here your child will be blessed with the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Each of the elements have their own beautiful ritual, which I perform unscripted, and from my heart.

Welcome the Fairies

One things for certain...the fairies always share their eco-friendly glitter at these ceremonies! 

The Process

Your joyful sacred celebrant

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 Contact us to book in for your consultation, at a location of your choosing. 

Mother Goddess




 During the consultation, I ask you a few simple questions, and then I invite you to tell me the story of you and your family. Together, we then discuss your wants for your baby naming ceremony. 

Greeting the family




 Once you've secured your ceremony date with a deposit, you can celebrate, knowing that your sacred celebrant has everything in hand. I will be there for you all throughout the whole process.  



Baby Naming Ceremony

  • Full consultation
  • Ivy ring layout for your ceremony
  • A fun filled grounding and centring for you and your guests
  • Calling in of the elements  - Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Spirit
  • Rituals, at each quarter of the ivy ring, to bless your child. 
  • A tote bag of keepsakes from your ceremony 
  • £350 (not including travel fees outside of Cornwall & Devon, UK)

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